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1st Aid - Wilderness Level 3


Wilderness First Aid

St. John Ambulance Wilderness First Aid is a comprehensive program for those who live, work or play in the wilderness. This specialized first aid and safety course focuses on how to take care of a casualty when medical help is far away or unavailable. The focus of the course is to adapt First Aid skills as needed, based on availability of supplies, the environment, and additional factors encountered in a remote setting. This course is intended to compliment wilderness survival training and does not replace it.


select the weekend that best suits you Wilderness 1st Aid Level III is normally a 4 day course. 2 of those 4 days are dedicated to covering Standard 1st Aid. To complete this 4 day program in 2 days, all participants must provide proof of completing Standard First Aid within the last 6 months preceding this program. This allows us to focus on the wilderness portion over these 2 intensive days of training.

For Who:

Scouters and 3rd year Scout Youth, Venturers, Rovers


8:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. each day, with ½ hour lunch break


St. John Ambulance Facility 1048 Waterdown Rd. Burlington L7T 1N3


This course is normally offered for $315 however, we have negotiated a fee of $210 which includes the book.


Scout activity uniform is the indoor dress code. About 5 hours each day will be spent outside in rugged terrain so please make sure you dress for the weather—we learn to be prepared rain or shine, hot or cold.


make sure you pack a lunch with beverages and snacks

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