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Missing Campfire Blanket

Good day to you all !!! 

I need a favour! I am appealing to the scouting community asking if you have ever seen or know the whereabouts of my scout blanket.

In the pictures following I, Scouter Cliff, am wearing my red campfire blanket and Scout Stetson Hat. To date I still cannot  find my Scout blanket. I have …misplaced ( for lack of a better word ) my Scout blanket and thought I had packed it away during one of our home renovations!

Not been able to find it since ….and that was at least 3 or 4  years ago!  I have gone through every box , every pack sack, duffel bag  etc in my house and I have not been able to find it.

 I am still hopeful  there is a nook or cranny in my house unexplored. My biggest fear is that I have lost it or maybe forgot to pick it up  at an event I attended in the past  !!!  To reiterate , I am still hopeful !

Yours in Scouting !!

Scouter Cliff

Cliff Paquette

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