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Winter Camping

The documents that follow include a "Winter Camp Packing List" and a "What to Expect When you are Winter Camping" hand-out for your youth and leaders if you are planning on going or any type of winter camping activity.
I wanted to make sure that any groups who are planning on attending are prepared for winter camping. I know many have the experience and this is a review, but perhaps some do not. Also, I can come to any Troop meetings and give a presentation on Winter Camping as well with equipment examples, etc. Please let me know if your Troop needs the presentation, and I will see if I can make it out.
Please remember these key things when winter camping:
  • Keep an eye on the weather and prepare for it accordingly
  • Layers of clothing, remove layers when it warms up outside or when you are physically exerting yourself, and add layers when cooling down
  • Stay Dry and warm. Avoid rolling around in the snow and getting wet. Remember to change clothes before bedtime
  • No cotton socks or any cotton for that matter if possible. Cotton conducts cold very well and is not well suited for winter camping
  • Always keep eating, snacking and drinking fluids to maintain energy levels throughout the day. In the cold, your body works twice as hard to stay warm
  • Keep an eye on each other for any signs of Hypothermia, which are shivering and mental confusion. Get warm and dry fast if any signs are visible
Have a safe and fun winter camping season everyone!
Best Regards,
Mike Morden

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